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Use of ceramsite sand
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Ceramsite has excellent properties, such as low density, high strength, high porosity and high pressure cylinder, high softening coefficient, good frost resistance, resistance and excellent alkali aggregate reactivity. Especially due to its small density, internal porous, uniform morphology and composition, with certain strength and firmness, it has many features such as light weight, corrosion resistance, frost resistance, seismic resistance and good isolation. The aggregate of these excellent properties, it can be widely used in oil fracturing proppant, building materials, refractory, insulation materials, water purification, gardening, food and beverage, chemical and other departments, and more fields, continues to expand. In the beginning of the invention and production of ceramic, it is mainly used in the field of building materials, due to the continuous development of technology and people's understanding of the ceramic properties more in-depth application already more than the traditional ceramic materials, expanding the new field of application of it. The application of ceramsite in building materials has dropped from 100% to 80%, and has accounted for 20% of other applications. With the continuous development of new uses of ceramsite, its proportion in other fields will gradually increase.

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