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Basic production process of fracturing proppant
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1, broken:

Bauxite is usually about 300~500mm in size and contains a small amount of water. The general use of the two level system of the broken jaw crusher and hammer crusher composition, the particle size control in 8mm.

After entering the factory, bauxite can be separated from each other according to the grade. When used, according to the indicators used together.

In the process of producing ceramsite sand, manganese (Mn) elements are usually added to reduce the sintering temperature and to dye the product dark. At present, most domestic producers use manganese ore or manganese ash with low grade (~50% content) as the source of manganese.

2, ingredients:

Bauxite, manganese powder, feed back and other materials are transported to their respective warehouse, set up the speed belt weigher under the library to realize automatic material batching and measurement.

3, grinding:

By drying and grinding mill, supporting high efficiency separator, composed of closed system. The efficiency of grinding is high. The hot air of the drying material can come from the exhaust gas of the rotary kiln, and the waste heat can be utilized, and a special hot blast stove can also be set up.

4. Ball making:

The raw meal powder is stored in the raw material warehouse. General set 2~3 library, can separate out materials can also be multi material collocation.

The raw meal powder is sent into a small bin, and a screw metering device or a speed regulating belt scale device is arranged under the bin to measure the amount of raw meal. The raw meal enters the disk balling machine. At the same time, the flow meter can measure the amount of water, and the water is injected into the disc balling machine by the pipeline pump. The ball making machine can be made into pellets of various sizes in the process of rotation. At the ball, the belt into the screening device, qualified to enter the rotary kiln, excessive return to raw material grinding process.

According to the production of different kilns, equipped with different number of disc ball machine.

The ball making system has a high degree of automation, continuous process, matching bag type dust collector, can achieve post dust standards, and purify the job environment.

5, calcination:

Calcining ball into the rotary kiln with certain gradient, with the rotation of the rotary kiln, kiln head to the ball rolling, and pulverized coal spray from kiln head into the kiln burning material, ceramic sand ball is calcined into high strength in rotary kiln.
The pulverized coal burner can be used for single duct pulverized coal burner, simple and reliable, a high volume; also can use multiple duct burners, primary air for combustion of pulverized coal can reduce the required air volume of 8%, increased two times into the kiln air volume, energy-saving effect significantly. Multi channel burner is divided into axial flow, coal wind, axial flow, and so on, the flame shape is very easy to adjust. The measurement of pulverized coal can be used rotor weigher or Coriolis force, precise control of coal quantity, stable kiln thermal system.

6. Preparation of pulverized coal:

The preparation of pulverized coal can be made by ball milling or vertical grinding, and hot air can be extracted from the kiln head to dry the coal powder. The dynamic powder separator can adjust the fineness of pulverized coal at any time, which provides the conditions for the full combustion of pulverized coal.

7, finished cooling:

The cooling of ceramsite sand usually adopts rotary cooling machine, the work is simple and reliable, the two air of the cooling machine is completely into the kiln, and the use of multi channel burner can save a great deal of energy consumption. The temperature of the ceramsite sand of the cooling machine is very low and can be held by hand.

8, screening:

The ceramsite sand of the cooling machine can be directly transported to a multi-stage vibrating screen, and can be divided into a plurality of particle size grades according to requirements.

Ceramsite sand product specification

Type 0.450.9mm (20 mesh - 40 mesh) density of type II high strength 0.91.25mm (16 mesh - mesh) density high strength

Type III 1.01.70mm (12 mesh mesh density and high strength in - 18)

Type IV 0.2240.65mm (40 - 60 mesh) density high strength

Bulk return material crushing process.

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